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Sarnath Deer Park

And in Sarnath (the famous Buddhist site), you can experience a deep sense of history with detailed explanations of culture, religion costume and spiritual lifestyles.

Tour Guide Manjeet
Kittens in Varanasi

Famous attractions include  Kashi Viswanath Temple (The Golden Temple), Sankat Mochan Temple (The Monkey Temple), Goddess Durga Temple, Tulsi Manas Mandir, Nepali Temple, New Lord Viswanath Temple B.H.U, Bharat Mata Temple and Banaras Hindu University.

Indian Goat
Pigeons at the Ganges
Monkey Baby by the Ganges
Cow by the Ganges
Ganges River
The Heritage Walk

The Varanasi Heritage Walk is a complete exploration Varanasi. This one day tour allows my guests to uncover a deep insight into the sacred city in a short period of time.

Tour Guide Manjeet

We can customize the perfect itinerary that will best suit your own wishes, and provide you with a deeply intimate experience of Varanasi.

Diwali at the Ganges
River Ganges
Hindu Custom

The Heritage Walk can include all of the major and famous attractions in Varanasi, along with lesser-known temples and monasteries that are treasured by our local community.

Snake Charmer
Tour Guide Manjeet
Hindu Temple
Cremation Ceremony by the Ganges

The Heritage walk includes an unforgettable visit the Ghats and cremation grounds where prayers and fire rituals (Aarti) are offered to Mother Ganga for every sunsrise and sunset.

Temple Offerings
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Let’s customize your perfect Varanasi experience today!

Hindu Temple
Hindu Temple
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